Computing for the Interactive Arts Minor

The minor in Computing for the Interactive Arts (CIA) is a Cross Disciplinary Studies Minor jointly offered by the Department of Art and Design and the Computer Science Department. The CIA minor fosters a collaborative, cross-disciplinary environment in which Art and Design students integrate coding and algorithmic thinking in creative works and Computer Science students apply the principles and methodology of design thinking to visual applications. The minor enables students from different disciplines to collaborate on projects requiring both a technical and a creative perspective.

Students wanting to learn more about the minor can contact the CIA minor advisors: Christian Eckhardt and Enrica Lovaglio Costello.


The CIA Minor is only open to students majoring in Computer Science (CSC), Computer Engineering (CPE), Software Engineering (SE) or Art and Design (ART).

Students can only minor in ONE of the following minors: Computer Science, Data Science or Computing for the Interactive Arts.

The following prerequisite courses should be taken prior to applying to the CIA Minor:

  • ART 182 (offered Fall Quarter only)
  • CSC 123 (offered Fall Quarter only)

Cal Poly cumulative grade point average must be a 2.75 or higher to be eligible to request a CSC minor.


Once students complete the two prerequisite courses, they can apply to the minor by submitting a CIA Minor Application found HERE.

Applications to the minor are due no later than the end of Week 4 of Winter Quarter and students will be notified of their acceptance or denial into the minor by the end of Winter Quarter.

Note: Space is limited in the minor and acceptance may be a competitive process. Decisions will be made based on the information submitted in the application and the students’ grades.

CIA Minor requirements

Once accepted into the minor, students will need to complete the minor requirements as outlined on: the catalog site.

Students are encouraged to pay close attention to course offerings as some courses are only offered once a year.

Sample Flowcharts for CIA Minor

Art and Design: Studio Art Concentration Flowchart

Art and Design: Photography and Video Concentration Flowchart

Art and Design: Graphic Design Concentration Flowchart

Computer Science Flowchart